Trying something new...

Yes, you're probably working from home so open this email

I’ve been quarreling on the idea of launching a site,, focused on the 5 best deals of the week (forward-backward 5 days). I bought the domain nearly 4 years ago, but never put it to use.

I’ve decided to bring that idea to this newsletter, for a month, as a test. Weekly.

How it works

  1. I find really good deals, across any category, and share the deal and “discount” code or link with you.

  2. People send me deals they want to promote, I charge a small fee, and I review those products (similar to Thing Testing)

  3. If you purchase through the link I provide I may make a tiny bit of $$$.

  4. You save a ton of $$$.

5 of the Best Deals This Week

1. Coronavirus Flight Deals

Flights from NYC to Miami are $37 to $50 — for most weekends in March and April.

If you’re not afraid to fly during this “pandemic” then you can cash in on a ton of flight deals. Yes, I bought a flight.

2. It’s a great time to buy $SNAP (Snapchat)

The stock market is obviously down this week due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t kill my bullish nature of investing.

I’ve doubled down on some cryptocurrency: ETH, LTC, and LINK (Chainlink).
But for those of you who aren’t into crypto, I’ve also tripled down on my investment in Snapchat.

Given the school closings, work from home policies, and social media craze that will run rampant over the coming weeks $SNAP is the single best investment next to Amazon.

Teens will want a way to hide their nefarious acts during this odd time off. Celebrities will want the same type of social security. I’ve already seen multiple brands double down on their $SNAP ads since the breakout of COVID-19.

This week, Snapchat was named one of the world’s most innovative companies.

At the time of this writing $SNAP is around $10.50 (it was around $20 in February, pre COVID-19).
Feel free to use my Robinhood link to sign up and buy $SNAP.

Image result for snapchat


Wow! Never thought this day would come, but it’s a cassette player in the traditional sense with Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. You can record to tape, play it back, and have fun just like the good ole’ days. It also plays regular cassettes.

Now you can walk around with you Airpods while listening to the sweet sound of an analog cassette player.

4. Reggie Black Art / $40

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 3.54.13 PM.png

I have two custom Reggie Black pieces in my house currently and they are often a conversation starter. And given the worrisome times the world is in, this signed print felt very on-brand.

Reggie Black is an international multimedia artist, designer, speaker, and Principal of All Things Progressive, a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in creative direction, identity, and branding.

A native of Washington D.C., Black has spent the last four years living and working throughout Asia. Intersecting hand type artistry, graphic design, typography, abstract paintings, travel and cultural juxtapositions; his work has been exhibited in several international exhibitions in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and domestically in D.C.

5. America’s softest hoodie / $201

As we’re all bundling up at home, there is no better time to invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime. GOJI’s heavyweight hoodie is made from the finest French Terry, sourced from Japan.

Every GOJI product includes a lifetime warranty. Also, GOJI is my company.

Thanks for reading,
Corey 💚