The ABCs of 2020

2020 highlights as letters of the alphabet

Let’s not waste time with an intro to this one. << Ironic statement

A: Australia was on fire for a very long time.

B: Beirut, Lebanon experienced one of the worst chemical explosions in modern-day history

C: COVID-19 😡 took over the world and shut everything down.

D: Donald Trump — no explanation needed.

E: Esports became the fastest growing sport, ever.

F: Florida became a battleground state for the election and more importantly, COVID-19 detractors.

G: Great Britain and the EU finalize Brexit Trade Deal

H: Broadway hit Hamilton, debuted on the popular streaming platform, Disney+.

I: Italy began selling houses for $1 to encourage tourism and to revitalize its economy.

J: Jack Ma, Chinese Billionaire and Founder of Alibaba, went missing in November as China has turned against him.

K: NBA Legend, Kobe Bryant, died in a fatal helicopter crash.

L: Liverpool F.C. won the Premier League for the first time in this new league’s history.

M: Murder Hornets invaded America and added more fuel to the 2020 fire.

N: November Election — Joe Biden becomes President-Elect of The United States of America

O: The Office finally left Netflix. Now you can live your lives in peace.

P: Police were put on trial, globally, via protests and riots and legal action. Unfortunately, most were acquitted.

Q: Quibi, a video streaming service, raised over $2B in funding and shut down just 6 months later.

R: USA Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, passed away. Ruth was the first Jewish woman to serve at this level.

S: SpaceX sends astronauts into space on behalf of NASA. A collaboration for the ages.

T: Tesla became the world’s most valuable automaker & minted many new millionaires.

U: Uber & Lyft win on Prop 22 in California. This set the precedent for big co’s to weasel around unions and benefits for contract workers.

V: Vaccines, for COVID-19, became the fastest vaccines to be developed & distributed in our world’s history.

W: Wuhan, China is put under a microscope as it became known as the epicenter for COVID-19.

X: XXX site, Pornhub, removes millions of unverified accounts and video content changing the landscape of adult content on the internet.

Y: Yield Farming, became the hottest topic in cryptocurrency. It launched an ecosystem of DeFi coins came onto the scene and added over $20B in marketcap.

Z: GEN Z became the focal point of business in 2020 & beyond