Boys will not be boys...

Stop with the bullshit rhetoric

Too often we euphemize the truth. We provide men with scapegoated language thus enabling bad behavior in a society that’s already set up for them. For us…for me.

Let me be clearer.

Rape, sexual assault, and harassment (online or otherwise) are things that should be taken seriously.

I recently had a conversation with a friend from South Africa and he mentioned that where he is from that nearly 50% of all women had been raped at some moment in their lives. And nearly 2000 rape cases reported each day. He mentioned, “unfortunately, the government does nothing about it. They just let the boys be boys and the women are dehumanized”

Too often we let people like Brock Turner get away with such crimes with little to no punishment. It’s often attributed to a man’s position in society, their status, their collegiate affiliation, their network, the irreverent power in this patriarchal society.

Too often we force our kids to hug their relatives. To sit on their lap. To give them a kiss. To do things they never really consented to. Check that at the door. That needs to end today. Too often parents have to safeguard us from that weird, touchy-feely uncle.

Too often female founders are asked for sexual favors in exchange for funding of their company. Too often female coworkers are sexually assaulted and it’s swept under the rug by the HR team. Too often we let this shit slide.

No more.

Check the people that are questionable in your life. Call them out on their bullshit.
Don’t let rape, sexual assault, harassment, bullying become normal amongst your inner circles.

Be vigilant. Be safe.

And remember, “BOYS WILL NOT BE BOYS!”

They’ll be required to be civil, and respectful, and nice, and honest, and ethical, and moral.